Kyle Toto

Personal Trainer Kyle Toto strives to influence each Center member in a positive way.

He earned his personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. His experience includes time spent as a conditioning coach for the United States Amateur Baseball League youth team.

He specializes in total body conditioning, bodybuilding, and physique training. He is also very motivational, ready to cheer on his clients at every step or rep.

Kyle enjoys helping members achieve fitness goals and improve their outlook on life, all from the Exercise Floor.

What Kyle’s Clients Say:

Kyle’s workouts challenge me and keep me positive as I work toward my goals. I only have 10 more pounds to go! Thanks, Kyle!

-Millie Velazquez

I had a very good experience with Kyle. He sparks my interest to learn new exercises. Now, I have the confidence to try everything the Center offers. He also is a very good Aqua Zumba instructor!

-Shobhana Padte

Kyle is great! He always makes sure I stay on track. I’m blessed to have him.

-Tiffanie Hernandez

Kyle is excellent. He is my personal trainer and instructor for two classes. They are mind-blowing. Kyle is a very motivated trainer!

-Hina Patel

Kyle is an excellent trainer and human being. I feel energized by working with him. Taking his classes helps me feel lighter. He is the best of the best.

-Bharat M. Patel

After joining the Center in 2011, I realized my cardio-only workouts weren’t getting the job done. I needed a change in routine and a push. I noticed many members accomplishing results from their training sessions. I knew personal training was exactly what I needed to achieve my goals. I already felt being at the Center was a pleasant escape for me. I have not reached my weight goal. However, working with Kyle, my personal trainer, has increased my physical strength and self-confidence. I feel stronger physically and mentally. I am impressed by his knowledge and ability to connect with his clients. Kyle is very caring and attentive to each client’s needs, limitations, and abilities. He encourages and motivates me to do better, knowing my true capabilities.

-Marlenis Morales

Kyle has been a pleasure. He is very inspiring. He understands and appreciates my determination. I was diagnosed with, what felt like, a life-altering problem a year ago. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Though my issue was not fatal, I was determined to correct it to better my life. I am very glad I met Kyle. He helped me learn about my body and how to work with it. He taught me how to listen to my body, and what was needed to make it feel better. I was a rather unhealthy person before joining the Center. I never took the time to treat myself well. I didn’t know how. Kyle reminds me to fight for myself and accept myself. I have become a huge fan of the Center. I wake up knowing my life is better because of every experience I have here. Thank you to all the staff, especially Kyle.

-Theresa G.

Kyle is easy to work with. He understands the challenge of returning to exercise. He created a great program for me to accomplish on the Fitness Floor and in the pool. I also enjoy taking his Aqua classes.

-Sue Smith

Kyle was very helpful in teaching me how to cut down weight while maintaining muscle.

-Anthony Ramos

I’ve been participating in Carterex with Kyle for a year now. He is a well-rounded trainer. He listens to his clients’ needs and makes modifications to the workouts when necessary. He works hard while building your esteem. He also adds a bit of levity to an otherwise challenging workout.

-Kathleen Fernandez

Donna SobejanaKyle encourages me. He instills confidence, which allows me to perform the exercise programs he prepares. He motivates through living by example. Kyle inspires me to accomplish the results I want. He is also very knowledgeable. I know I am in good hands.

-Donna Sobejana

Kyle is a great instructor for GRIT class. He has a very motivating attitude.

-Carolina Melo

When I first joined the Center, I became determined to lose weight. I didn’t know what to expect. I met with Kyle. We reviewed my goals and how to achieve them. I’ve been working with him for about nine months now. I have lost weight and become stronger than I ever imagined. Kyle really knows about fitness. I definitely look forward to accomplishing more with his help!

-Luiza Da Silva

I enjoyed my training experience with Kyle. He motivated me to return to the Center more often. He developed an exercise routine appropriate for my fitness level and interests.

-Yanisse Mena Leone

Kyle was recommended to me because of his military background. My sister and I wanted to train for a Tough Mudder, so we started with Kyle. The first fitness session was so intense. We loved it! We love him!

-Joan Andino-Ramos

Among other things, Kyle managed to convince me not to over-train. Kyle created two different but very challenging workouts for me. He provided me with guidance to keep my workouts productive. The Center training staff as a whole is very proficient, and Kyle stands out. Thank you, Kyle.

-Matt Daniele

Kyle is an excellent professional! I have been doing some form of physical rehab training over the last 50 years. Working with Kyle has been the best! My body has undergone five joint replacement surgeries. I also have spine and bone abnormalities. Kyle knows the exercises I need to strengthen weaker areas of my body. His professional manner is great and encouraging. Our sessions are work that do not seem like work. His knowledge of body mechanics and physical anatomical structure is outstanding. It’s a real pleasure working with Kyle. I look forward to our sessions where he monitors my every move. Generally, I’m a very critical person. However, I love everything about Kyle.

-Anna D.

Kyle has been an important part of my fitness journey. I joined the Center in horrible shape. I felt weak and hopeless. (Three babies in five years took a toll on my body.) “Running” a 20-minute mile was a challenge. I signed up for personal training with Kyle. He helped me attack all my weaknesses, one at a time. Six months later, I can run a 10-minute mile, lift real weights, and hold my own in fitness classes. Kyle’s personality, patience, encouragement, and knowledge has been an integral part of my journey. I recommend him to everyone!

-Maggie V.

Kyle is a very professional, helpful trainer. He introduced me to a lot of new exercises, which I really enjoyed. He is a very pleasant person to be around.

-Paula Riscoe

Kyle provides great full-body workouts to be completed in a chair or the pool. His customized programs are based on your target areas. He has a very approachable personality. With Kyle on the Fitness Floor, you are not afraid to ask questions.

-Gloria Groom

Kyle brings extensive training knowledge to the Fitness Floor. He helps me learn different exercises for each body part.

-Perry I.

Kyle enthusiastically helped me train for college baseball. Our intense workouts proved to be the difference in my performance compared to my other teammates.

-Lloyd Padmore

Kyle is fun and informative. He is very hardworking. I enjoyed a great workout with him.

-Paul Bauer

Kyle is a very good trainer. He taught me everything I need to know about fitness!

-Rasheeda Smalley

Kyle is a motivational trainer. He helps me get closer to my fitness goal each day. I know I’m on the right track with Kyle.

-Deann Froelich

Kyle is a great guy. He is a very skilled trainer who is always willing to help!

-Jason P.

Kyle gave me an amazing workout geared toward my needs and goals. He is a phenomenal person who has helped me increase my confidence and feel better about myself.

-Naryel Duran

Kyle has been my friend for a while. I decided to try a guest pass at the Center. He showed me several different exercises I never would have thought to do on my own, which have helped me improve my routine.

-Robert McKeon Jr.

Kyle helped me reach all of my goals and more. When I started training with him, I didn’t think I would be able to run a half marathon. With his training, I was able to complete the 13.1 miles. He also helped me reach my goal size and be happy with my body. I’m the healthiest I have been in years. Kyle’s training helped me get here.

-Briana DeMaio

Kyle is always pleasant, willing to help, and share advice. My girls loved him during Fit Kids training. I love his intensity and passion, along with all the staff at the Center.

-Janice Pastures

Kyle designed a fitness program to expertly meet my needs. After training with Kyle, I had a better understanding of my body. I felt great about my transformation.

-Frank Bellino

I am inexperienced on the Fitness Floor. Kyle has been very supportive and patient. He has been with me since the beginning, and motivated me every step of the way. He keeps me updated with new exercises to help me stay in shape. I am very thankful to have Kyle.

-Sulenny Rodriguez

Kyle creates a customized fitness routine for me. He shows me the proper way to execute each exercise. He helps me achieve maximize results, and targets my specific concerns. He does all this while considering my current fitness level and needs.

-Amelia Fleming

Kyle is an awesome trainer. He takes exercising to a different level. He makes workouts challenging but simultaneously fun. You always know you will get an excellent workout with him.

-Dana Froelich

Kyle’s training sessions helped me increase my strength and improve my coordination. He is a great trainer!

-Jolene Crawford

I had fun boxing with Kyle. It’s a great cardio workout. I hope to get better at it!

-Jillian R.

When I began training with Kyle, I had pain in my shoulder. He was very knowledgeable about which exercises would help increase flexibility and decrease the pain. He advanced my workout at a safe pace. He challenged me when he knew I could handle it. Also, with Kyle’s training I gained energy and increased strength. I feel better and am more knowledgeable about how to keep myself healthy in everyday life. Kyle is an excellent trainer. I recommend him to my friends.

-Jennifer Bento

Kyle’s workouts are challenging, but everyone can participate at their own level. He accommodates training sessions for those who have physical limitations.

-Darlene Maccie

Kyle is a very professional trainer. He customizes workouts specifically designed to help me reach my fitness goals. He is very motivating, and a great guy!

-Keisha Alvarado

I joined the Center five months ago. I have been consistently exercising two to three days a week. Now, I’m on my third set of exercises created by Kyle, which focus on core strength and my back (my problem area). A few officemates asked if I have been exercising– I’m getting noticeable results! I am grateful to Kyle.

-Ava Agbulos

Kyle was very knowledgeable and extremely motivated to help me reach my fitness goals. He listened well. He always made sure I was comfortable throughout my training sessions. Kyle exhibits a great balance between professionalism and fun. He always had intense workouts prepared, which kept my body guessing and working at its highest potential. I had the fastest results when training under Kyle’s supervision. He’s the real deal!

-Melanie Caldararo

Kyle is full of energy. He motivates me to get to the Center and work out. Always smiling, Kyle gives off positive energy to everyone around him!

-Rupe Kaur

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