A Summer of Fun Awaits!
June 28 – August 27, 2021

A Summer of Fun Awaits!
June 28 – August 27, 2021

Choose your times. We’re on your schedule!

Full-Day: 9:00am—3:00pm
Half-Day: 9:00am—12:00pm or 12:00pm—3:00pm
Before Care: 7:30am—9:00am
After Care: 3:00pm—6:00pm

For children ages 5 to 14 years.

Pricing Details

Camp Pricing (Per Week):

Full-Day: $200
Half-Day: $105
Before Care: $50
After Care: $100

For more information, please contact:

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What is the mask policy?

All campers are required to wear a face mask/covering during the camp day when indoors except for snack time, lunchtime, and swim time.

Staff is required to wear a face mask/covering throughout the day when indoors and when not socially distanced outside, but not when in the pool.

Face masks/coverings are not recommended for the staff or campers when (1) doing so would inhibit the individual’s health, (2) the individual is in extreme heat outdoors, or (3) the individual is in the water.

We will practice fixed or assigned groups at Camp.

Campers are required and are permanently assigned to a specific Camp Group. The Camp Director will ensure that designated groups include the same campers and staff each day to the maximum extent possible. Camp counselors will restrict mixing between assigned groups and minimize camper movement between groups. All campers and staff in an assigned group shall stay together. If interactions with other groups occur, staff and campers will maintain social distancing protocols between groups.

Camp activities and the use of equipment by campers.

There are no limitations on camp activities other than contact sports. Staff will sanitize all sports equipment, playgrounds, and other activities requiring specialized equipment before and after each group’s use. Regular hand washing and hand sanitizing will be encouraged throughout the day and after activities using the equipment. Group times are scheduled to ensure adequate social distancing and appropriate sanitizing time between each group.


The following are the safety precautions that will take place this summer:

  • Each camper will have their temperature taken daily before entering the facility. These temperatures need to be logged and submitted each day to the state.
  • Counselors will wear face masks/coverings when inside.
  • Counselors will wear face mask/coverings when outside if they cannot be socially distanced from other groups.
  • Campers are required to wear a face mask/covering, except when eating, during pool and swim times, during outdoor activities, and resting.
  • Campers will frequently wash hands throughout the day, after each activity, and before eating.
  • Outdoor activities are noted to be much less likely to result in virus transmission than indoor activities. As a result, we will spend as much time as possible outdoors. Please make sure your camper comes with spray-on sunscreen and a water bottle labeled with their name on it.
  • Medical grade, EPA-registered disinfectants (which are documented as highly effective against COVID-19) complete with fungicides, mildew stat, and virucide will be used for continuous sanitizing and cleaning at the camp.
  • Regular use of Electrostatic Spraying Technology will be practiced. This technology uses the highest classification of disinfectants recommended by the CDC and WHO to treat known pathogens. The sprayers rapidly clean and disinfect entire areas and are used in large public settings to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces and public spaces. Electrostatic spraying is a new, highly effective practice in infection control.
  • We have increased the number of hand sanitizing stations and antiviral wipe stations throughout the camp. All stations are clearly marked with signage.
  • Everyone is requested to practice good hand hygiene by washing or sanitizing hands regularly, avoiding touching the face, and performing proper respiratory etiquette when coughing or sneezing.

The NJDOH has published FAQs on the COVID-19 Camp Standards HERE

These FAQs will be updated regularly as we receive more questions and circumstances evolve.


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